East Side Milwaukee Adoration: 4th of July and Every Day

Celeste Horvath has been visiting Mike or one of his predecessors for dental care since she was five.

Keep an eye out for Celeste Horvath and her husband, Steve, at the Lake Park 4th of July Celebration. They’ve volunteered with Mike for years to help run this major neighborhood event.

Born and raised on Hackett Avenue, Celeste has lived on the East Side for all but four years. Her commitment to this neighborhood is made up of quiet but powerful moments of walking our tree-lined streets, supporting local businesses and even how she cares for her dental health.

“What can’t you walk to on the East Side?” Celeste said. “You can walk to see a movie, pick up groceries and hardware, get your teeth cleaned and, of course, talk with neighbors. Invariably, you set a certain amount of time for a walk and then you bump into someone you know and the walk is twice as long. And I can’t imagine not seeing Lake Michigan nearly every day.”

She has been going to some iteration of DeWan Dental Wellness for her entire life.

“When I was five years old, I first saw Dr. Grant on Downer Avenue,” Celeste said. “He was way ahead of his time because he had TVs mounted in the treatment rooms. Then Dr. Schelkun bought Dr. Grant’s practice. He did my first root canal. And then when Mike took over we were hooked for life. I might be one of his biggest referral sources.”

As a real estate agent, Celeste actually shepherded our purchase of the Farwell Avenue properties 10 years ago. She credits her parents with her staunch commitment to dental health.

“Ninety percent of what happens above your neck contributes to everything that happens from the neck down,” Celeste said. “Even if we didn’t have dental insurance, we would make dental health a priority.”

If you’re looking to take control of your dental health, download our free ebook 10 Secrets to Dental Health. To schedule an appointment with dentists who are as committed to Milwaukee’s Eastside as Celeste, make an appointment today.


TMJ & Summer Foods: Enjoy without Jaw Pain

Agriculture, Close-Up, Corn, Delicious
Corn on the cob is delicious, but don’t overdo it if you have TMJ!

Butter-drenched corn on the cob. Crunchy French bread piled high with basil and garden-ripe tomatoes. Bubblegum. These mouth-watering foods of summer bring exquisite pleasure but they also can bring jaw pain.

“Even yawning can overextend the jaw joint and cause strain and irritation,” Mike said. “Eating foods that require joint overextension combined with a chewing force create conditions ripe for jaw injury.”

Here are some hints from Freedom Physical Therapy for maintaining summer jaw health.

  • Practice TTJ, or Tongue up, Teeth apart, Jaw relaxed. The teeth should never touch except when chewing.
  • Chew food on both sides at the same time to reduce strain on any one side.
  • Avoid oral habits like clenching, grinding, biting cheeks/lips. AND NO GUM!
  • Do not rest your jaw on your hand because it misaligns your jaw.
  • Avoid stomach sleeping.
  • Avoid caffeine, which promotes muscle tensing.

For more tips on maintaining optimal TMJ health, download our free ebook Understanding Occlusal Disease. Or better yet, reach out and make an appointment with our East Side Milwaukee dentists who understand how to help you manage TMJ.


Five Reasons We Give You a Tooth Brush

You may wonder why we offer you a toothbrush and floss at every dental hygiene visit. Sometimes we get the question: “Isn’t it a waste of money?” Our answer is always “no,” and here are five reasons why.

  1. Human nature
    Dental folks in-the-know recommend changing your toothbrush every three months. Not many people do that. So by giving you a toothbrush at your six month visit, we can be reasonably sure you change it every six months at least.
  2. It’s a teaching opportunity
    Michelle, Brea and Denise will take any opportunity to make you a better brusher. Place your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the gums. Gently make tiny circles on all tooth surfaces. Harder is not better! Two minutes twice a day.
  3. You need a new grout scrubber
    The bristles on your current grout scrubber look like Albert Einstein’s hairdo.
  4. So you have our emergency phone number
    Let’s say you’re in Tanzania with no cell phone and a tooth breaks. All you need to do is dip into your travel bag for the tooth brush we gave you before you left and, voila, there’s your dentist’s phone number.
  5. Because we love you!

We like to get to know our patients and believe it’s OK to really smile when you’re at the dentist. If you’re looking for a local East Side Milwaukee dentist who you can really be comfortable with, be sure to schedule a dental appointment today. If you’re already a patient and think we’d be a good fit for someone you know, then refer a friend or family member!


The Healing Power of Salt

Salt provides a nutrient vital to our survival. Its main component, sodium, helps nerves and muscles function correctly, and it helps regulate our body’s water content. Salt is also a natural disinfectant that can help your mouth heal.

Salt in the wound

We often recommend salt water mouthwash rinses when you have a canker sore or after an extraction. It reduces bacteria and swelling, which allows your mouth to heal.

Why not just use a mouthwash?

Mouthwash is not always your best choice post-surgery. Many mouthwashes have alcohol in them – some as much as 20%, which can irritate wounds rather than heal them. In fact, according to TodaysDentistry.com, long-term use of mouthwashes containing alcohol can increase the risk of mouth or oral cancer.

Salt water: A great short-term solution

Even though salt water rinses are good for soft tissues, they are not so good for hard surfaces like tooth enamel. Salt is acidic, so it could eat away and soften the enamel on the teeth, making them more susceptible to wearing, chipping and cavities.

To talk with our dentists or hygienists about how you can optimize your dental health, make an appointment today. And if you want more tips on dental health, download our free ebook, Ten Secrets to Dental Health.


Even Mom Agrees: Dental Implants a “Piece of Cake”

It seemed like every time our COO Lora’s mom, Janet Keller, visited DeWan Dental Wellness, she needed dental treatment. Once it was a broken tooth. Another time, an infection.

“I always had terrible teeth,” she said. “I’m lucky Lora married a dentist!”

When she lost a key molar nearly 15 years ago, she was sad, but resigned to wearing a partial denture. “I felt lucky to keep my teeth as long as I did,” she said.

When Mike suggested a dental implant to her, even dental anxiety did not keep her from pursuing the treatment to avoid a partial denture.

A dental implant is a small titanium pin or cylinder, which is surgically placed in the upper or lower jawbone. The dental implant replaces the root of the missing tooth, providing an anchor for a new tooth or several teeth.

“I was so nervous for the implant surgery but it was a piece of cake,” she said. “Though I hope I don’t lose any more teeth, I’d have it done again in a minute!”

To learn more about dental implants, we invite you to download our free e-book, Before and After Dental Work, 5 Case Studies. Or feel free to call us or visit our east side Milwaukee dentists to hear about all the options to keep a natural bite.