Braces Off for Back to School? Be Sure your Bite is Right First!

Everyone wants to get their braces off before school starts: there are impressions to make, friends to meet, and school photos to be taken. But before those braces come off, a quick visit with the dentist might be in order to double check your bite, or “occlusion.” Your teeth may be straight, but what might not be so visible is how they contact one another. You want to be sure your bite is right before you remove those braces!

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, occlusion is the relationship between your upper (maxillary) and lower (mandibular) teeth as they come into functional contact, such as when you bite, chew or close your jaws together. An ideal centric occlusion is when all the teeth are in proper contact with no crossbite, underbite or overbite.

“Orthodontics is a big commitment and no one wants to go back into them,” Mike said. “So I like to partner with the orthodontist and just make sure everything is where it should be. Sometimes one more month can make the difference in a lifelong healthy bite.”

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