Slow Down with East Side Dining

This time of year is full of hustle and bustle. Slow down before or after your dental appointment and let someone else serve you. Here’s a list of our favorite restaurants on Milwaukee’s East Side within walking distance of DeWan Dental where you can stop for a cup of coffee or bite to eat.

East Side Restaurants

Asian Fusion (Chinese)
Beans and Barley
(natural foods café, deli and market)
Bee’s Cuisine (Southeast Asian)
Blooming Lotus Bakery (gourmet bakery)
Buddha Lounge (Asian / American)
Chubby’s Cheesesteak
Colectivo (coffee, sandwiches, soups)
Divino (Italian, wine bar)
FreshFin Poke (vegetarian, sushi, poke)
Good City Brewing (brewery, American)
Hooligan’s Super Bar (bar and grill)
The Hotchspot (pizza, burgers)
Insomnia Cookies
Ian’s Pizza
Izumi’s (Japanese)
Jalisco Mexican Restaurant
Kawa Ramen and Sushi
Ma Fischer’s (everything under the sun)
Mr. Senors (Mexican)
Seoul (Korean)
Simple Café (creative, locally-sourced breakfast and lunch)
Yo Factory (frozen yogurt treats)

For complete descriptions of these restaurants and dinner options check out the East Side Milwaukee website. To get more updates on what’s happening on Milwaukee’s East Side follow DeWan Dental Wellness on Facebook and Twitter!


Blankets Tame Nervous Chills

Is your body always at 98.6? Not really. Your temperature actually fluctuates a couple degrees throughout the day, rising in the morning and afternoon to keep you alert and falling in the evening to help you sleep. When you recline mid-day in our dental chair, your body is fooled into cooling like it’s time to relax. That’s why we offer cozy blankets with every visit.

“Our blankets help keep you warm, no question,” said Aliina, DeWan Dental Wellness clinic manager. “But I think it tames nervousness too, those chills you get when anxiety begins. If we can nip the chills, we can nip the nervousness.”

To see East Side Milwaukee dentists who want you warm and cozy and alert for the rest of your day, make an appointment now.




Scheduling for Triplets a Breeze at DeWan Dental Wellness

Scheduling multiple dental appointments for multiple children with multiple schedules is almost always a parenting challenge. But for Tanja Price, a long-time DeWan Dental Wellness patient and mother of triplets, it’s easy.

“I schedule appointments every time I am in the office,” she told us. “Having triplets can be tricky if I wait to schedule appointments. I would have to come in at separate times and/or dates. So, after our appointments, I go ahead and schedule the next appointment 6 months later. That way I don’t forget to schedule our next appointments, it is on my calendar and I can usually get all three kiddos checked out at once.”

And why did she choose DeWan Dental Wellness?

“First, the staff is wonderful!” she said. “They are warm and friendly. When you walk in, the receptionist welcomes you by name, it’s as though you’ve come to see an old friend. Second, the quality of care is top notch. Dr. Mike is great! He and his support staff are really dedicated to providing you with the best care and experience possible. Third, the location is convenient. It is in walking distance from where I work which makes getting to appointments hassle free.”

To encourage your children to care for their dental health, we invite you to download our free ebook, Open Up! Meet Your Tooth Buddies. And make an appointment today for yourself and all of your family members!


Summer Music on Milwaukee’s East Side

Calling out around the world,
Are you ready for a brand new beat?
Summer’s here and the time is right
For dancing in the street.
They’re dancing in Chicago,
Down in New Orleans,
In New York City.

Whether you like grooving privately in your dental chair with Martha and the Vandellas or with the masses, Milwaukee’s East Side is where you can find many summer beats. DeWan Dental is proud to support our neighborhood’s lively scene.

Stop by and say “hi” at the following events we sponsor:

Schedule a time to listen to your favorite artist while we take care of all your dental needs! DeWan Dental Wellness, your East Side Milwaukee Dentist, is happy to help you relax with chair-side iPods. Schedule a dental appointment today.


East Side Milwaukee Adoration: 4th of July and Every Day

Celeste Horvath has been visiting Mike or one of his predecessors for dental care since she was five.

Keep an eye out for Celeste Horvath and her husband, Steve, at the Lake Park 4th of July Celebration. They’ve volunteered with Mike for years to help run this major neighborhood event.

Born and raised on Hackett Avenue, Celeste has lived on the East Side for all but four years. Her commitment to this neighborhood is made up of quiet but powerful moments of walking our tree-lined streets, supporting local businesses and even how she cares for her dental health.

“What can’t you walk to on the East Side?” Celeste said. “You can walk to see a movie, pick up groceries and hardware, get your teeth cleaned and, of course, talk with neighbors. Invariably, you set a certain amount of time for a walk and then you bump into someone you know and the walk is twice as long. And I can’t imagine not seeing Lake Michigan nearly every day.”

She has been going to some iteration of DeWan Dental Wellness for her entire life.

“When I was five years old, I first saw Dr. Grant on Downer Avenue,” Celeste said. “He was way ahead of his time because he had TVs mounted in the treatment rooms. Then Dr. Schelkun bought Dr. Grant’s practice. He did my first root canal. And then when Mike took over we were hooked for life. I might be one of his biggest referral sources.”

As a real estate agent, Celeste actually shepherded our purchase of the Farwell Avenue properties 10 years ago. She credits her parents with her staunch commitment to dental health.

“Ninety percent of what happens above your neck contributes to everything that happens from the neck down,” Celeste said. “Even if we didn’t have dental insurance, we would make dental health a priority.”

If you’re looking to take control of your dental health, download our free ebook 10 Secrets to Dental Health. To schedule an appointment with dentists who are as committed to Milwaukee’s Eastside as Celeste, make an appointment today.