Give Thanks Your Cousin Pete is not a Crocodile

The Thanksgiving dinner table can be a scary place. Your cousin Pete’s appetite is so voracious, he might mistake your arm for a drumstick! It turns out that Pete’s bite is nothing compared to other champion chompers of the animal kingdom, however. According to Science Focus, it would be much worse to have one of these other animals at the dinner table. Keep in mind that the average strength of a human bite is 162 pounds per square inch (psi).

Which animals bites are strongest?

  1. Nile crocodile: 5,000psi
  2. Saltwater crocodile: 3,700psi
  3. American alligator: 2,125psi
  4. Hippopotamus: 1,800psi
  5. Jaguar: 1,500psi
  6. Bull shark: 1,350psi
  7. Gorilla: 1,300psi
  8. Polar bear: 1,200psi
  9. Grizzly bear: 1,160psi
  10. Hyena: 1,100psi

While we can’t increase the strength of your bite to crocodilian proportions, we can help you achieve your best smile. Download our free e-book 10 Secrets to Dental Health for a few tips, or come talk to us in person by making an appointment today.


Behind the Scenes with Our Partners: Dr. John Darling

When you need a specialized dental health service, we enlist a team of partners to serve you. Dr. John Darling is one of those amazing partners.

Even future surgeons have to start their career path somewhere, and Dr. John Darling started his behind the counter at a candy store.

“I spent my summers in Northern Wisconsin and my first job was at Dan’s Candy Store in Minocqua,” he told us.

Maybe seeing the damage the right hard candy could inflict upon the wrong tooth inspired him. So today Dr. Darling offers a variety of oral surgery services including extractions, implant placement and bone grafting at his practice located on Silver Spring Drive just east of Port Washington Road.

“When I refer a patient to John, he or she comes back smiling,” Mike said. “John prides himself on running a patient-centered practice rather than a high-volume practice. And patients really see the difference.”

John studied all over the country. He earned his undergraduate degree from University of Colorado at Boulder and graduated from the Marquette University School of Dentistry. Then he completed a one-year internship at St. Francis Hospital in Honolulu, HI and a four-year oral surgery residency at Sinai Hospital in Detroit, MI.

When he isn’t at his office, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Mary, his two daughters and his two black labs.

If you’re experiencing any issues that feel like they go beyond your teeth, such as neck, face or jaw pain, remember that DeWan Dental Wellness has a dedicated network to help seamlessly coordinate your care. Reach out and make an appointment with our East Side Milwaukee dentists who will help you meet any dental challenge.


Blankets Tame Nervous Chills

Is your body always at 98.6? Not really. Your temperature actually fluctuates a couple degrees throughout the day, rising in the morning and afternoon to keep you alert and falling in the evening to help you sleep. When you recline mid-day in our dental chair, your body is fooled into cooling like it’s time to relax. That’s why we offer cozy blankets with every visit.

“Our blankets help keep you warm, no question,” said Aliina, DeWan Dental Wellness clinic manager. “But I think it tames nervousness too, those chills you get when anxiety begins. If we can nip the chills, we can nip the nervousness.”

To see East Side Milwaukee dentists who want you warm and cozy and alert for the rest of your day, make an appointment now.




Braces Off for Back to School? Be Sure your Bite is Right First!

Everyone wants to get their braces off before school starts: there are impressions to make, friends to meet, and school photos to be taken. But before those braces come off, a quick visit with the dentist might be in order to double check your bite, or “occlusion.” Your teeth may be straight, but what might not be so visible is how they contact one another. You want to be sure your bite is right before you remove those braces!

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, occlusion is the relationship between your upper (maxillary) and lower (mandibular) teeth as they come into functional contact, such as when you bite, chew or close your jaws together. An ideal centric occlusion is when all the teeth are in proper contact with no crossbite, underbite or overbite.

“Orthodontics is a big commitment and no one wants to go back into them,” Mike said. “So I like to partner with the orthodontist and just make sure everything is where it should be. Sometimes one more month can make the difference in a lifelong healthy bite.”

To read more about occlusion, we invite you to download our free ebook, Understanding Occlusal Disease. And to make an appointment with East Side Milwaukee dentists who love a good bite, make an appointment today.


Braces are Ancient History

The urge to fix crooked teeth isn’t new. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, even our ancient ancestors wanted a straight smile: Archaeologists have found evidence of early orthodontia on mummified remains.

Here are just some of the findings:

  • Crude metal bands wrapped around individual teeth
  • Gold wire strung between teeth
  • Space maintainers for missing teeth
  • Splint-like appliances to prevent collapse of the dentition

Though unrefined, these mechanisms helped lay the groundwork for today’s orthodontia.  And now highly educated specialists (orthodontists) diagnose, prevent and treat dental and facial irregularities to correctly align teeth and jaws.

If you want to make an appointment with east side Milwaukee dentists who know the value of high quality orthodontics, schedule an appointment with DeWan Dental Wellness today.