Crowns: When Temporary is Semi-Permanent

Woman smile. Teeth whitening. Dental care.A temporary crown used to be temporary. But sometimes a situation demands that a temporary crown performs in a semi-permanent manor. We have a solution for that! It’s a laboratory-processed resin crown with exceptional strength and life-like esthetics.

Semi-permanent performance

A typical temporary crown is designed to provide short-term protection while other work is being done. For instance, while you wait a week to receive a final gold or porcelain crown, a temporary crown protects the prepared tooth. Those types of temporaries are still fabricated every day in many dental offices.

After gum surgery or implant placement, however, or when a permanent crown or bridge is not the best solution, a temporary crown or bridge must function for a year or more to allow long-term healing. The Radica crown provides that long-term function.


A resin crown is prepared exactly like a gold or porcelain crown:

1. The tooth is shaped and an impression is made of the prepared tooth.
2. The impression is sent to a dental laboratory that fabricates the crown.
3. One week later the crown is cemented.

One more benefit

Besides its amazing strength and beauty, I like these laboratory resin crowns because they are easy to repair if decay slips into the margin or if it fractures. A porcelain or gold crown, on the other hand, needs to be completely refabricated if damage occurs. At DeWan Dental Wellness, we always take your unique situation into account to find the solution that best fits your personal needs.

Author: Mike DeWan, DDS

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