Drinking After Tooth Extraction – Hold Off While You Heal

Kicking back with a brew at Hooligan’s, one of our East Side Milwaukee neighborhood watering holes, might seem like a great idea after a tooth extraction.

You earned it, right?

Unfortunately, we recommend that you don’t imbibe for at least 24 hours. Here’s why:

  • After extraction, a blood clot needs to form at the healing site, and alcohol or the fizz of a drink could greatly hinder or stop that process.
  • You may be prescribed antibiotics and/or pain medication, and mixing alcohol with these substances could be very toxic.

The list of no-no’s doesn’t end with booze, either. You really need to keep it mellow for a few days after a tooth extraction, and you’ll also want to avoid the following:

  • Physical exertion: This may be an easy point to overlook: After all, you don’t exercise with your mouth! Heavy physical exertion or exercise causes an increase in blood pressure, which can disturb the healing site. You’ll want to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for two to three days after surgery.
  • Hot food or drinks: Because your mouth will be numb, you might not be able to sense temperature. To be on the safe size, keep it cool to avoid a burn.
  • Hard or crunchy foods: Lozenge candies, celery and popcorn are some foods to avoid for six to eight weeks after surgery. Your healing site will be tender, and these foods could be a big irritant!
  • Smoking: Smoking can interfere with the healing process and should be avoided for at least 24 hours. Not only are the chemicals in the smoke an irritant and deterrent to the healing process, but the physical act of smoking may irritate the site of healing.

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