Give Thanks Your Cousin Pete is not a Crocodile

The Thanksgiving dinner table can be a scary place. Your cousin Pete’s appetite is so voracious, he might mistake your arm for a drumstick! It turns out that Pete’s bite is nothing compared to other champion chompers of the animal kingdom, however. According to Science Focus, it would be much worse to have one of these other animals at the dinner table. Keep in mind that the average strength of a human bite is 162 pounds per square inch (psi).

Which animals bites are strongest?

  1. Nile crocodile: 5,000psi
  2. Saltwater crocodile: 3,700psi
  3. American alligator: 2,125psi
  4. Hippopotamus: 1,800psi
  5. Jaguar: 1,500psi
  6. Bull shark: 1,350psi
  7. Gorilla: 1,300psi
  8. Polar bear: 1,200psi
  9. Grizzly bear: 1,160psi
  10. Hyena: 1,100psi

While we can’t increase the strength of your bite to crocodilian proportions, we can help you achieve your best smile. Download our free e-book 10 Secrets to Dental Health for a few tips, or come talk to us in person by making an appointment today.