Millennials Cavity-free but not Problem-Free

Kayla and Ellen are two of the millennials of DeWan Dental Wellness.

Over the past year, the DeWan Dental Wellness team has undergone a big transition. Today we’re comprised of more millennials than boomers! From Ellen, our associate dentist, to our dental assistant, Kayla. And compared to the boomers, they are virtually cavity-free. How did that happen?

“My mom always was on my case about eating healthy and taking care of my teeth,” Kayla said. “She would always say, ‘You only get one set, and that’s it!’ So, it really scared me into a meticulous habit.”

Yes, but there has to more…

“Plus, she always got me the coolest toothbrushes,” Kayla added. “And she was also very good about getting me in for my regular cleanings and checkups.”

But cavity-free does not mean problem-free, and the American Dental Association has identified a number of dental issues that people in their 20s and 30s—the current age of millennials—should be aware of. These include increased sensitivity, teeth grinding, temporomandibular joint disorder and gum disease.

Dental check-ups still critical

According to Think Magazine, continued care is also still a must. Millennials grew up at the same time that our society began shifting away from drinking municipal tap water in favor of bottled water. The problem? Less fluoride. Without continual exposure to fluoride in the water, treatments provided by your dentist at regular check-ups become even more important.

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