Out of Network & Out of Our Minds?

Whether you’re new to our practice or have been seeing Mike since you’ve had baby teeth, chances are you’ve heard us say, “We’re out of network.” But no matter how long we’ve known you, you may still be wondering: “What does that mean for me?”

Does that mean we’re out of your price range? Nope. Does that mean we’re out of our minds? No, we’re quite sane! It may sound scary, but believe us: We choose to stay out of network so we can serve you best. We do it out of love!

We Treat Your Individual Needs
We treat you based on what YOU need, which may sometimes vary from what an insurance company determines is appropriate. Insurance companies may decide how often people can obtain services like X-rays, cleanings, and treatments, they set the fees a dental office can charge for these services, and they can even determine which material a dentist can use in a filling!

We feel we can provide you with much better service if we together determine your optimal treatment plan, and then follow that plan to ensure you’re getting the best treatment possible.

Does it Cost More?
Does out of network mean it’s more expensive to get treatment? Not necessarily. Most of the time, out-of-network benefits have the same copays and fees as in-network benefits! Also, since we have the freedom to treat you based off of your needs, without the influence of a third party, we can take a conservative approach if that’s your preference. This could actually save you money in the long run!

We believe in having very honest relationships with you, and this is best achieved when we can make decisions about your health together without having to compromise your treatment plan.

For more about your dental health, including quick and easy tips, download our free ebook 10 Secrets to Dental Health. Or, come in to see us! If you’re looking for a dentist in Milwaukee who cares about your comfort and overall health, make an appointment now.