Scheduling for Triplets a Breeze at DeWan Dental Wellness

Scheduling multiple dental appointments for multiple children with multiple schedules is almost always a parenting challenge. But for Tanja Price, a long-time DeWan Dental Wellness patient and mother of triplets, it’s easy.

“I schedule appointments every time I am in the office,” she told us. “Having triplets can be tricky if I wait to schedule appointments. I would have to come in at separate times and/or dates. So, after our appointments, I go ahead and schedule the next appointment 6 months later. That way I don’t forget to schedule our next appointments, it is on my calendar and I can usually get all three kiddos checked out at once.”

And why did she choose DeWan Dental Wellness?

“First, the staff is wonderful!” she said. “They are warm and friendly. When you walk in, the receptionist welcomes you by name, it’s as though you’ve come to see an old friend. Second, the quality of care is top notch. Dr. Mike is great! He and his support staff are really dedicated to providing you with the best care and experience possible. Third, the location is convenient. It is in walking distance from where I work which makes getting to appointments hassle free.”

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