Moving Toward Dental Health – A Patient’s Story

Patient Dan says that working with DeWan Dental Wellness made him feel better, even before the work started!

Pain often spurs people to make a dental appointment. And Dan, who has been a DeWan Dental Wellness patient now for two years, was no different. Once he made that first move, his emotional health and as his dental health were immediately improved. We recently chatted with Dan to get his perspective on the importance of taking care of your dental health.

How did you choose DeWan Dental Wellness?

Dan: I chose DDW because they were highly recommended by my sister. I was nervous about seeing a dentist, and she assured me over several
conversations that Mike was a great dentist, and the staff at DDW were
kind and compassionate. She had a great experience over the previous
year, and knew I would too. She was right!

Was not having insurance an obstacle?

Dan: Although I didn’t have insurance, seeing the dentist was important for several reasons. First, I was in physical pain. I had grown slowly
accustomed to increasing pain and being uncomfortable. It was affecting
many aspects of my daily life, including sleeping and eating. Secondly,
my teeth and my smile were affecting my confidence and self-esteem.

We were able to put a plan together that worked with my budget and
addressed my immediate concerns.

How did you feel after beginning treatment with DeWan Dental Wellness?

Dan: After my initial visit and consultation I immediately felt better, even
before the work started. Knowing that I was taking proactive steps
towards resolving these ongoing issues felt great. The staff at DDW were
not judgmental, instead they were encouraging and supportive. Each
subsequent visit yielded more positive results, my pain was gone, and my
smile returned.

What are the next steps in your dental wellness plan?

While we’re still not done, the work ahead feels far more manageable.
DDW has allowed me to move forward at my own speed, while taking care of upkeep with biannual cleanings and checkups.

DDW is a comfortable and relaxing place to visit. Everyone has been
encouraging and helped me focus on the positive things I’ve done.

If you’d like to see how we’ve helped other patients just like Dan, download our free ebook Before and After Dental Work. To take that first step toward working with east side Milwaukee dentists who care for your health, make an appointment today.