When Do You Start Flossing Your Child’s Teeth?

As if you don’t have enough to do as a new parent! Now your dentist advises you to floss your squirming two-year-old’s teeth. Every day. WHY?

Cavity prevention
“Even though your child’s first teeth are called baby teeth, they’ll have them until they are teens,” Mike said. “And flossing is critical to clean between the teeth, where food debris is caught and cavities begin.”

Habit building
Even though a child’s teeth might be generously spaced as they grow, flossing is still important because establishing healthy habits is critical to establishing health. Luckily there are many fun-shaped flossing devices on the market to help add a little fun to the process.

Some advice
1. Begin flossing when at least two teeth begin to touch, according to the American Dental Association.
2. Do it together. Most children love to mimic their parents’ health habits so make flossing a fun team sport.

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