Whiter Teeth With Lipstick

dreamstime_xs_47942702Teeth are white, right? Not quite so. Within “white,” there is a lot of variation. Turns out that most people’s teeth come in four basic shade ranges, and within each range are different levels of darkness. These basic shade ranges include:

  • reddish brown
  • reddish yellow
  • gray
  • reddish gray

But when choosing lipstick for brighter, whiter teeth you only need to know one color. Blue!

Choose me!

According to Elle magazine, any color you choose should have a cool, blue undertone. Think about the color of summer fruits: fresh watermelon, strawberry, raspberry, grape. If you like nude colors, choose sheer formulas with a hint of gloss.

Stand clear!

Here are the no-no colors: Any color with orange undertones like coral, orangey reds or browns. And for the brightest smile, stay away from neons and frosty shimmers.

Let us help!
If you are curious about your tooth color, just ask us to do a complimentary shade analysis at your next visit. We can also help you restore your white! Ask us about Opalescence Go, an excellent product we recommend for home use.

For more about your dental health, including quick and easy tips on whitening, download our free ebook Getting the Right White. Or, come in to see us at DeWan Dental Wellness! If you’re looking for a dentist in Milwaukee who cares about your comfort, overall health, and getting your smile just right, make an appointment now.