Whiter Teeth with Opalescence Go

Twenty minutes: That’s all you need for whiter teeth with Opalescence Go. Now is the time to stock up, because or sale price ends in February! For limited time, you can still get this great product for just $79.

Not only is Opal Go a powerful, professional alternative to over-the counter teeth whiteners, it’s the perfect multi-tasking friend. You just pop in the pre-filled disposable tray and it custom forms to your teeth.  Then you can go about your business. Think about the things you can accomplish while whitening! You can:

  • Cook supper
  • Make the kids’ lunches
  • Catch up on social media
  • Watch the news
  • Answer emails

Then you can throw away the trays, rinse out your mouth and enjoy your smile’s glow. What can you get done while you Opal Go?

Stop by the DeWan Dental Wellness office to stock up on Opalescence go today!

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